Recycling by Inyotex

The collected textiles that we process are purchased in bulk from our suppliers.

The degree of usability of the textiles is of crucial importance and it is our main focus during the sorting process. During sorting, we are also attentive to the type and size of clothing. Our employees have experience with guiding this process in the right direction.

We package sorted textiles in either plastic bags, big bags, small bales, or large bales in accordance with our clients’ request.

Inyotex also arranges international logistics with the most suitable means of transportation.

Our sorting process

Below we describe our sorting process:

  1. First, purchased textiles are sorted by type (such as shoes, baby, pants, shirts, sweaters, etc.)
  2. Next, the sorting and selection are carried out according to quality and usability.
  3. Next, various types of products are packaged, coded and weighed.
  4. The products are delivered to the warehouse and are ready for shipment.

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