Inyotex Recycling B.V.

Inyotex Recycling B.V.

Inyotex Recycling B.V.

About Inyotex Recycling B.V.

Inyotex Recycling B.V. is a family business established in 2005, which operates internationally and is specialized in sorting used textiles. On a daily basis, we process approximately 20 tons of collected textiles to suit the needs of our clients.

Furthermore, we are certified according to KIWA standards for an ‘Assessment Based Optimized Textile Sorting Process’. In addition, we continue to grow and are looking for new innovative ways to strengthen our contribution to an even cleaner environment.

Inyotex contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing the amount of waste produced through the recycling of used textiles.


Why Inyotex?

More than 20 years experience
400 tons of production per month
KIWA certified
Member of VHT (Association for the Retrieval of Textile)
Quality and service












1. Buying

2. Sorting


4. Exporting



We receive many types of textiles, allowing us to offer more than 100 different products, which we subdivide into six categories.

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