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Inyotex Recycling BV is a family company that is established in 2005. We are specialized in sorting used textiles. Sorted second hand clothing are exported to various countries such as Pakistan, India, all countries in Africa and more. We have founded our international network. The collected textiles that we process are purchased in bulk from our suppliers.

The collected textiles

During the sorting process much attention is paid to the degree of usefulness of the textile. It is our main focus and of essential importance. In the sorting process, we also pay attention to the type and size of the used clothing and shoes. Type goes with type, so shoes are sorted by shoes and shirts by shirts. The collected textiles that we process are being purchased by large-scale suppliers. According to the wishes of our clients, we package the sorted textiles in plastic bags, big bags or small or large bales. Inyotex also regulates international logistics with the most appropriate means of transport. You have nothing to worry about. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Our team is experienced and possesses all knowledge in this field to lead the process in the right direction. We are very motivated and able to meet any challenge.

20 years experience

Inyotex has over 20 years experience and processes daily approximately 20 tons of collected textiles to the wishes of our customers. We are also certified according to KIWA standards for an ‘Assessment Based Optimized Textile Sorting Process’. Furthermore, we are a member of VHT (Association for the Retrieval of Textile). Quality and service are the key components of our company. Inyotex is growing each and every day. As a consequence there will be less waste due to recycling of used and second hand textiles. We try our hardest to contribute to a cleaner environment and sustainability for the future.

Why Inyotex?

More than 20 years experience
400 tons of production per month
KIWA certified
Member of VHT (Association for the Retrieval of Textile)
Quality and service

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